Invite Eva to join your Book Club through Skype:

It’s fun and it’s free!

If you’d like me to join your book club meeting and answer questions about any of my novels, please email me and I’ll try my best to schedule an on-line session with your book club. Skype works best, but if you are technology shy we can use the phone.

Not familiar with Skype? Check out’s helpful How to Use Skype video. You can download Skype for free here.

Ideas for Authorless Book Club meeting on The Winter Palace and Empress of the Night:

Watch: Halifax Library Video  1 hr:15 minutes

Read: Bookreporter Interview with Eva.


Imperial Russian Stout: here is some info on this dark beer Catherine the Great liked. It is available in many small breweries in the US and the UK.

Kvass: you can buy it in a Russian or Polish store near you or make your own. Here is a great Kvass recipe I’ve found.


Russian food is wonderful for nibbling. I would suggest blini with smoked salmon, sour cream and/or caviar. Here is a nice recipe for blini. My suggestion is to make them small and pile them up with toppings.

Or something very easy: slices of cucumber, some smeared with honey in honour of Catherine, some with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Reading Guides:

The Winter Palace.

Empress of the Night